Terms and conditions The following sales and delivery terms apply for all purchases made in any Firtal Web A/S web shop or for delivery throughout United Kingdom. Please follow our instructions for our terms and conditions at bakblade.co.uk. https://bakblade.co.uk is owned by Firtal Web A/S Company Registration: 30238761 Firtal Web A/S - Head Office and Warehouse Møgelhøj 8 8520 Lystrup Email: customerservice@firtal.com All purchase agreements in any Firtal Web A/S web shop are to be made in English. Private customers shopping in any Firtal Web A/S web shop can return their products. Returns don't apply traders, companies or institutions etc. Payment We accept payment with the following debit/credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro. When you order the money is reserved on your account. When the order is shipped, we withdraw the money. If the costumer chooses partial delivery on backorders, Firtal Web A/S charges the full amount, when most of the products have been shipped. Prices The purchase is invoiced at the price registered on the website at the ordering day. The prices often change from day to day. Delivery When ordering before 6pm on any working day the order is shipped the same day. Normally delivery time is 3-6 working days. Delivery time will show on the current product. At minimum 1 product in stock delivery time is 3-6 working days. When the product is out of stock in the desired amount, we contact the customer the next working day to inform about the expected delivery time. Ordering a product not in stock we'll contact the customer as soon as the order is processed. The customer has opportunity to exchange any product with the same price, waiting for the product to get in stock again or return the purchase. All prices are stated in UK pounds (£). Be aware that the price of the individual item does not include freight costs. The customer chooses freight at the end of the checkout process. We ship to all countries in the EU. The costumer receives an email from Firtal Web A/S, when the products are shipped from the warehouse. At countries outside the EU: We ship products tax free at selected countries outside the EU. This means that costumers out side the EU may be charged taxes and customs. It's the costumers own responsibility to know the country's current legislation. 365 days returns Provided the product is in original packaging and undamaged condition, it's possible to return or exchange the product until 365 days after delivery. At returns the costumer covers the shipping costs. If the costumer wishes to exchange the product just for another color, Firtal Web A/S covers the shipping costs from Firtal Web A/S to the customer. If we estimate the product smells of smoking fume, cooking fume, mold or in other way is damaged, we reserve the right to reduce refunding. Wanting the product back the costumer covers the shipping costs. Returns don't affect the costumer's statutory right to regret the purchase. Please read below. Cancellation of orders Without explanation the customer can regret any purchase withn 14 working days. The time limit of cancellation is 14 working days from the day, the costumer or any other person receives the product. If the customer has ordered more products in one order, and we are unable to manage shipping all products in one delivery, the cancellation of an order is expanded until the customer or any person (except the mail man) receives the final product. If the expire date for cancellation expires on a public holiday, weekend, Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve the expire date for cancellation is prolonged to the following working day. How to use the cancellation of orders The customer cancels the purchase by informing us by telephone (+45 8988 0418) or by email (customerservice@firtal.com). The customer must inform Firtal Web A/S if the package is refused at delivery. The cacellation time limit is respected when the customer announces the cancellation before the time limit expires. Return of products and return costs If the customer regrets any purchase, it's important to send or deliver the product at the address: Firtal Web A/S, Møgelhøj 8, 8520 Lystrup without delay and at least 14 working days after announcement of cancellation. If the customer returns the product before the expire date, we accept the product. The customer covers the costs for returning the product. Refunding the money When a customer regrets an order, we refund the total order amount including the shipping costs. If regretting parts of the order, we only refund the purchase at the returned products. If the customer has chosen a delivery form more expensive than the cheapest delivery form we may offer, the customer doesn't receive the additional cost. We repay the amount without unnecessary delay and under any circumstances at leat 14 working days from the date, we have received the customer's announcement of cancellation. We reserve the right to withhold the repay, until we have received the product or the customer has sent documentation for the return of the products. Refunds is performed with same payment as the customer used at the original transaction, unless the customer has provided anything else. Under any circumstances the customer is not imposed any charges. Testing the product and packing The customer is responsible for degradation of the product's value caused by any other purpose than the product's original functions or properties due to the product's description or manual. The costumer is allowed to examine the product as in a physical store, but the product may not be used. If the product has been used, we deduct the impairment from the refunded amount. If the product no longer has commercial value the amount will not be refunded. Be aware of yarn and other accessories with smoking fume, cooking fume or mold normally can't be sold again, and the product has no commercial value. We kindly ask our costumers to return the product in original packing. When returning the customer should ensure that the product is properly wrapped. The costumer takes charge of the products until we receive them. The customer takes charge of the products until we receive them. The customer must keep any receipt together with Track and Trace number. Product warranty - something wrong with the product? If the customer buys a defect product, purchase rules comes into force. Please note that the customer has 24 months from delivery in whick to make a claim regarding missing parts or defects. Please contact us by inquiry on email: info@bakblade.co.uk or by telephone +45 8988 0418. The customer is asked to describe the problem in details. We'll be happy to receive pictures of defects or missing parts, before the customer returns the defect product. If the product warranty is justified and there is documentation for the freight, we'll be happy to repay the shipping costs. Remember to wrap the product in proper packaging. Save the shipping receipt including information about shipping costs and Track and Trace number. Product warranty must be within reasonable time after receiving the product, and the costumer is obligated to examine the product as soon as possible after the receipt. The product is shipped to: Firtal Web A/S Møgelhøj 8 8520 Lystrup Appeals and complaints Disagreement between Firtal Web and a customer regarding the processing of complaints may involve submitting a complaint to the Danish Center for Klageløsninger, Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsen, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, DK-2500 Valby, Denmark, www.forbrug.dk Please fill out the complaint formular at minsag.forbrug.dk The European Commision's online ODR is also available regarding the administration of complaints. It's especially relevant for consumers living in another European country. Please post complaints here: http://ec.europa.eu/odr. When mailing any complaint, please use our email address: info@bakblade.co.uk. Personal Data Policy Contact information on Data Controller Firtal Web A/S Møgelhøj 8 8520 Lystrup Company Registration: 30238761 Email: customerservice@firtal.com Website: https://bakblade.co.uk We do registration on common personal data on our customers. Personal data is information about name, address, telephone, your email address and purchase. The purpose of collecting information about our customers is to process the purchase, products and to fulfill the law on accounting registrations. At the same time we are able to advise you and adjust our communication and marketing. The above data is saved for 5 years from the end of the financial year, according to the law on accounting registrations §10. The information is deleted thereafter. We don't register any personal data. We don't exchange personal data to anyone. We ask for your consent, before we process your personal data for the purposes as described above, unless we have a legal basis of processing them. We'll inform you about the reasons and our legitimate interests in processing your personal data. Your consent is voluntarily, and you can always contact us regarding a request about withdrawal. Use the contact information above, if you need any other information. As customer you can always claim insight in our registration of personal data. The customer may objects to registration. Inquiry in connection with any registration is directed to info@bakblade.co.uk. The owner of Firtal Web A/S is responsible for personal data and has access to any information about you.