BaKblade 2.0 Bundle incl. 8 Blades

BaKblade 2.0 Bundle incl. 8 Blades

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I was skeptical.
I've tried many products over the years and none of them really worked well.

* It's impossible to reach all areas of your back with a regular razor
* Every motorized grooming appliance I tried was somewhat painful and pulled out more hair than it cut
* Waxing is not an option due to the frequent and regular maintenance

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Review by StanX
I returned the product because
I returned the product because I wasn't satisfied with it.
Review by Steven H.
Shaves OK
Shaves OK, but usually have to go over same spot several times
Review by Tom G.
Wayne S.
The handle was akward and the hair doesn’t come off as quick and easily as the commercial implies. If you take the blades out of the handle it can be used like a straight razor.
Review by Nicole G.
It would be nice I’d there was a slap on pad for applying shaving lotion on the back. You really have to “scrape” several times to get hair off. I’d rather see a 2.5” real razor blade on this extended handle, to shave in just one pass. Not repeated scraping.
Review by Wayne S.
It could not reach certain
It could not reach certain areas
Review by James W.
Works good for the most part,a little awkward to use around the shoulder blade area.Wish came with a way to apply shaving cream to the back.
Review by Mark B.
I liked bak blade 1.0
I liked bak blade 1.0 better
Review by Shane J.
Good product
Good product
Review by Seth G.
Wish handle was a little
Wish handle was a little longer.
Review by Jeff C.

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